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01-18-2006, 10:36 PM
I thank all those who have donated to this site over the years. It helps with the cost of keeping this site running.

A donation gives the user of this message board an e-mail address and 20 megabytes of webspace for a period of a year. Some of the paid members have joined years ago and I have maintained their privileges for that $20.

I ask that members who have joined over a year ago to please send in a donation for another year to maintain their privileges. Those who have not joined yet, I ask that they also make a donation of $20.

To give an added incentive, all renewal or new memberships will have a chance to win one of these three prizes:

A brand new high tech battery Charger. Value $50. This will maintain your auto battery while the car is in storage. Your battery will last much longer with this tender, rather than letting it get daged by letting it sit and get discharged.

A brand new black t-shirt sporting the Squarebirds.org logo, which is inspired by the Thunderbird logo used from 1955 to 1959. Value $20.99. The winner will be able to choose the size of shirt that they want.

A timing light. Approximate value $10. Yes it used, but it still works. It uses the current to light the bright light and has a green lead that attaches to the coil. It flashes a bright light that will aid in checking the timing on your Thunderbird or other old car.

Winners will be picked at random. Maximum of one prize to each renewal or new membership. No substitution of prizes. Deadline for for chance of winning one these prizes is January 31, 2006. If you have renewed or are a new member from the first of this year, you are automatically entered in this drawing. Winners will be announced on February 5, 2006.

Memberships that are over one year old and are not renewed will expire in February. You will lose your turquoise members icon, Squarebirds e-mail address and webspace, so please renew.

Thanks for your support of this site.

1959 Hardtop
1960 Golde Top

01-19-2006, 09:33 AM
Hi Alexander,

I just renewed thru PayPal.
I didn't continue to the registration page and fill out the form again - just use my previous info.
If I need to fill it out for some reason, please let me know.

thanks to you and all who contribute to this site. It has helped me so much while working on my '60 Bird.


01-19-2006, 11:26 AM
Thanks for the compliment.

I strive to make this site helpful. I thank all those that have helped this site by contributing information and donations.

1959 Hardtop
1960 Golde Top