View Full Version : going to look at a collection of older birds this weekend

03-30-2015, 11:22 PM
A friends Granddad died and had quite a few im told, with extra parts, Grandma wants to sell. Ill get a list of what they have and some Pics and prices, I think he said they had a complete running 60 they wanted 3K for.

04-06-2015, 03:51 PM
Ok there are 2 58s one for parts for the other. one 59 and a complete 60. the rest are 61s thru about 66 . quite a few parts. . Wont get the list for several days but let me know if interested.

04-10-2015, 07:04 PM
Im in need of the stainless trim drivers seat the piece that is on the lower left by the seat adjuster also looking for the passenger side front bumper guard does not need to be perfect (not rotten) both parts for 64-66

04-15-2015, 01:18 PM
I would like to see more info on the 58's.

05-01-2015, 12:16 PM
I need a complete rear bumper in good condition.
Let me know if it's possible and at which price.

05-02-2015, 01:33 PM
I'd love to see a piccy of the 60 Bird :)

05-18-2015, 02:10 PM
Olevet whats with the parts cars

T-Bird Lover
06-16-2015, 08:16 PM
Need a Thunderbird Wheel/Rim whatever you want to call it for my spare. Let me know price thanks.

07-01-2015, 04:09 PM
These are complete cars, were drivers up till maybe 10 years ago. They wont part em out, the 2 58s are a wrecked one with a donor car for the body parts. Still no prices yet. Seems there are a lot of folks tellin Granny different stuff.
Ill go back out the middle of Aug or so and see what she wants to do.