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02-02-2015, 05:53 PM
Scott ~ ss396t recently brought this Hemmings ad to my attention, and we tried to get in contact with Stan Levy to see if he still has these Babybird parts. He was taking in the sun in Florida, but is back now. He said he certainly does have these parts, and many, many more. If you are looking for anything, just give him a call at the phone number below.

PARTING out 55-57 T-Birds: porthole hdtp, $2,250; 55-57 doors, $550; rolling frames, $850 and up; 57 front and rear bumpers, complete, $550; windshield chrome, please call; many conv tops and parts; 55-57 swing arm, complete, $450; 56 cont kit and many odd parts, $1,650; many other parts, please call; parting out 5 cars. Stan Levy, 508-238-5680, North Easton, MA

12-02-2015, 02:07 AM
Do you have the left lower control arm for T-Bird `57?

12-02-2015, 02:21 AM
Hi Ivan, and welcome! Ivan is our first Tbird owner from the Russian Federation to join the Forum! Ivan, Stan Levy is not a member of this Forum. We posted the information for our Babybird owners so they would know what he has in the way of parts for sale. I will call him tomorrow (he has no email that I know of) and see what he says about having that part and the cost of it if he does. I will also check with CASCO here and see if they stock this part. Maybe one of the Babybird owners has a spare they will sell you. Here is what Ivan had to say about his '57 Tbird!

I had imported my T-bird from the USA two years before. It had a pink color and hardtop white, then I have painted it in grey. Three months ago I had an accident and now I`d like to repair it. The left lower control arm is damaged. I can`t find it in catalogs. Do you know something about it? Could you help me to get?"

12-09-2015, 08:14 PM
Ray how are you, could you ask Stan Levy about a complete '55 dash, or all the knobs and switches for it?, I am trying to finish assembling my '55.
Happy Holydays

12-09-2015, 08:32 PM
Federico, I just talked with Stan on the phone. He does have a complete '55 dash in black, in excellent condition. He asked me to give you his phone number and said to call him. He does not ship to Mexico, but if you can arrange it, he can ship to someone close to you in the US, that you can pick it up from. He did not mention price, but that is something that you can talk with him about if you can call him. He does not do email. Here is the phone number. 508-238-5680. Good luck with this.

12-11-2015, 07:13 PM
Ray thank you much, I just spoke to Stan, great person, and He offered me a complete almost perfect dash but He also have all the parts I am missing in mine, almost everything but speedometer, tach and clock.
I will send him a list of all the parts I need and He will be quoting me.
I will keep you informed.
Thank you again for your help.

12-11-2015, 08:33 PM
Hi Federico! Great! I hope this all works out for you. Please let me know if it does. Also, you can find some other sources for Babybird parts by looking at the Advertisements Forum. Look for ads by Charlie Musto, in Pennsylvania, Don Hyde of Fordcraft here in North Texas, BirdBrains in Oregon, Wayne, 503-840-4860 (though he was flooded out a few days ago due to the heavy rain they are having and had lost his power), and Hills Automotive/Restoration. These are companies who have a lot of Babybird parts. You might find what you need from them.