View Full Version : '66 Baby Blue Landau 4 Sale-San Antonio

12-29-2014, 09:30 AM
From a friend here.

I have a baby blue 66 landau with a black vinyl top that we restored at my shop. I have done more work to it since then and actually still have a little left that I want to do.

I'm interested in selling the car. We restored the whole body by removing all the old paint, doing the body work and repainting it. I've done a lot of mechanical work to it and interior work. The car is very largely restored with just a few odds and ends I need to take care of. There's not a drop of rust left on it.

I thought you might know someone who wants to buy one. Let me know if you know anyone who might be interested. I had it at $14,500 but I'd be willing to let it go for $13,500 for someone who I know would appreciate the car. It's on craigslist right now if you want to see some more pictures.

Raymond Banner

Here is a pic of it.