View Full Version : Will this pcv system work?

12-25-2014, 11:47 PM
Edelbrock valve covers with both valve covers with valve cover filters

Current open draft vent tube at rear of intake manifold routed to edelbrock 1406 with pcv valve between plugged into pcv port on carb?

12-26-2014, 02:45 AM
Dan the extraction depends on the amount of blowby you actually have. I don't mean to sound funny but if your draft tube billows smoke, no amount of vacuum will suck it back into your engine.

On an engine that has relatively low blowby, PCV works beautifully. If you have practically zero blowby, we don't want to suck gasses into the block. So now we have a balance between rocker breathers and blowby.

Vented rocker covers let fresh air in, to travel down the end oil holes in the heads and down to the oil pan. Blowby mixes with the fresh air and travels up the front of your block, around the timing chain and back into the valley (where the Positive Crankcase Valve is).

The mistake most people make is, they think PCV will end nasty crankcase smell in an engine too worn out.

Your setup sounds ok if you don't have too much for the PCV to handle. - Dave