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10-26-2014, 08:35 PM
Having problems getting the vertical adjustment to work. Seems like it might be a bad relay, but can someone tell me if the wiring connections are correct?

10-26-2014, 09:07 PM
It doesn't look correct according to the wiring diagram. The diagram shows a black/white wire on the BAT post along with the red/blue. It looks like there's a broken wire tab on the post.


10-26-2014, 10:31 PM
Thanks John. As always, your replies are very helpful. The PO had the wiring to the BAT posts reversed between the horizontal and vertical relays (see photo below), but the diagram helped me verify the other connections. I did reconnect everything as per the diagram, as well as switching the relays to eliminate the relay as the problem. The horizontal motor worked fine connected to the suspect relay.

Connected the motor directly to a power source and the red/green combination seems fine, but the yellow/green combination does not. I had taken the motors apart for cleaning, lube, etc. so maybe I created the problem. Tomorrow night's project.

BTW, where did that diagram come from? I have the Electrical Assembly Manual and the Wiring Diagram Manual, but your diagram is easier to follow and see the connections to the relays more clearly.

Thanks again (and thanks to Ray for helping me post photos directly).

10-26-2014, 10:43 PM
The diagram I provided is in the Technical Resource Library under Wiring Diagrams/Accessory Wiring.


10-26-2014, 11:56 PM
I'll attach a few pics of my relays just to verify your connections. These were taken before I cleaned everything up.
It sounds like you did a good bench test of the motor and I checked to make sure your connections were correct. If the motor runs in one direction, but does not reverse, that is very suspect of something wrong inside the motor. I would think that the motor would still respond in one direction when moved in the vertical direction when the switch is activated. At least it should click or try to move in the direction that the motor tests good.
Have you taken the seat switch apart and cleaned the contacts? I have found many seat problems are with the switch. I've cleaned several and they are still all working.
Since the motors are identical, you could swap motors and see what happens. That is assuming the seat is out of the car.
If you copy the pictures to your desktop, you can enlarge them for better clarity.
Good luck with it.

10-28-2014, 10:08 PM
Tonight I took the motor apart again and sure enough the yellow wire was rather loose in the paper/cardboard tube along the winding. I couldn't figure out how to keep it secure in there. Should it should stay in there from tension or should there be a female connection in the tube?

10-28-2014, 10:40 PM
Maybe this will help. Window and seat motors are very similar.


10-28-2014, 11:25 PM
I realized I said windings and I should have said field coils. The wire easily pulls out of the area indicated by the black arrow in the attached photo. Motor works fine when it the wire is in place, but it is not secure and comes loose when reassembling or remounting the motor. Any suggestions on how to secure the wire in the little tube?

10-28-2014, 11:41 PM
I imagine it needs to be resoldered to the coil. I've never attempted to pull them apart and try it. Maybe Dave has some tips on repairing it.


11-01-2014, 01:35 PM
I have just completed a power seat install on my 1960 Thunderbird. I found a schematic in the 1960 service manual on page 15-6. I replaced all wiring on the assembly before installing the power seat assembly. If you want the schematic I can send it to you or fax it to you. John Dexter will be sending me a seat assembly for the right side of the car in a week or two. So I have another one to do. If I can help with anything call me.

208-699-8512-C 208-777-2957-H

Dan Leavens
11-01-2014, 06:02 PM
To All: The exchange of technical information from the original thread and posts to a members problem is why I always say.
This is the best TBird site on the planet:D Good stuff guys.