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03-06-2014, 01:27 AM
Back in 1991, Alan H. Tasti, AIA, VTCI Scoop Editor, at the time, wrote a series of articles regarding Paper Work. This included information on ROT/Build Sheets, Gate Invoices, Window invoices, etc.. As a result of the Paper Work series, Lois Eminger wrote her article regarding the Tbird Invoices that she had obtained from the Ford Company before they destroyed them. Below is her story as she wrote it and published in the VTCI Scoop magazine of September-October 1991, Page 42-43, as part of Alan Tast's Paper Work Pt. III Story Behind the Invoices article. In this article, she tells us that it was not her husband who got these Invoices, but herself. Her husband, by then, had already passed away. Here’s a great article from the members of the Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc.. Alan has given me permission to post the article. Thanks to Alan publishing her article, it establishes the facts of these invoices and settles the rumors we have often heard or read regarding them.

Eventually, Lois Eminger sold the 1962-1966 Ford Invoices she had to Marti Auto Works in Arizona. Some years ago, Lois passed away. Here is where you can find what invoice years and models are available, including other models and years, other than Thunderbirds. If you are looking for Little Bird invoices, read what they have to say about those on their website. They only have those invoices listed.


You will also find them listed in the Advertisements Forum below. Here is the link to the 1991/1992 VTCI Scoop articles on Paper Work, written by fellow Squarebirds Forum member, Alan Tast, AIA. It includes Part III written by Lois Eminger. Click on the article to zoom in on it to read it or use Ctrl + to zoom in.


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I have just put up all five Paper Works articles available to me. I hope you find it helpful and interesting reading. Please read what Alan Tast said regarding still needing copies of the various forms and invoices..