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12-06-2013, 11:21 PM
As you know, my '59 Squarebird is known as "Yellow Rose", "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" and "Tweety Bird". Few of you know that I also own a "Red Rose" in the form of my red riding mower. Today, I would like to introduce you to my "Blue Rose" (Thanks for the name, simplyconnected!) Having run my "Silver Rose" 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport Hi-Top Conversion van for the last 13 years, I figured it was time to retire her before she gave up the ghost.. So I went looking for her replacement. I had already determined that it was going to be a FMC (Family Motor Company, AKA Ford Motor Company) and not a GMC (Government Motor Company) car, nor a Korean, Japanese, German, etc.. car.

So I started doing some research on Ford cars that gave the better gas mileage, had a good reputation, did well in crash tests, had a lot of get up and go, and looked pretty and sporty. I settled on about 4 different Ford cars, and finally settled on the Ford Focus, for the above reasons. Then I concentrated on which sub-model of the Focus I was interested in and it turned out to be the Focus Titanium 5Dr Hatchback. After looking at the colors, I decided I liked the Blue Candy color better and that is what it is. They did not have one on their lot, but had just got one in that was on their storage lot. He got the details on it and made the arrangements to have it brought over and made ready. For a couple of days, they loaned me her little sister, a black Focus SE to tool around in and that was fun! I spent half the day at the dealership today sealing the deal and going over how to drive this thang! It has most of the options on it you can get, a lot of bells and whistles, that big screen in the top middle of the console with more goodies than I will probably ever figure out. I spent about an hour or more being taken over how to make it all work with one of their techies. It has remote start, and push button start, hands free cell phone connection, which I like. They synced my cell phone and phone numbers to the screen and now I can just talk to it and tell it who I want to call, or can take calls at the push of the button on the steering wheel. So much to learn!

When I took it for a spin I got quite the surprise because it is a 4 cylinder, 160hp, 2.0L engine, but it gets up and goes! I had to watch my speed because I was finding that I would be doing 15-25 miles over the speed limit in a heartbeat if I did not watch it. It has all kinds of power. I nearly bought a CMX Hybrid, which was interesting to drive, because it makes no noise! But they did not have it in Blue Candy, and besides I was concerned what it was going to cost my down the road if I had to replace alllll those batteries.

Today I bought a 16GB tiny lil USB plug that is only about an inch long! I am amazed that you can get so much stuff on that thing. I just copied over every piece of music I have on my puter to it, and that was a couple of GB'! There are two USB ports in my Blue Rose, and all I have to do is plug that sucker in, and tell the screen to play USB and it will play all those songs.... Plus I have Sirius, and a ton of radio stations to listen to. Since there is no room in this thang to store all the CD's I had, I will probably put them over on that thumb drive also!

Here are some pix of my Blue Rose. She has a leather interior, and more stuff on her than you can shake a stick at, and she is fun, fun, fun to drive! She isn't a Tbird, but she flies like one!

12-06-2013, 11:36 PM
Congrats on the newest addition to your family, Ray. I know you're going to love it for many years to come. It's perfect for bringing the grandkids around. - Dave

bird 60
12-07-2013, 05:15 AM
Congrats from me as well Ray. She's a you beaut colour & it looks pretty good as well. Hope you have a good run from her for many many years.

Chris.....From OZ.

Richard D. Hord
12-07-2013, 12:19 PM
Awesome! Same color as my wife's C-Max ;)
Richard D. Hord

Ian M Greer
12-07-2013, 03:00 PM
Ray , my wife is driving a 2013 Focus in Ruby Red and just love's it . it has the 2 litre in it , she calls it here lady bug . Hers is more the basic model with the winter package ( I wonder why), point being the heated seats ( love that option ) . My 2010 F-150 does not have that option , I wish it did. As for a Hybrid , I've learned this working part time at a Ford dealership up here as a shuttle driver , where at times I drive vehicles to the body shop or to new car sales . They give the battery packs an average life span of 5 years to replace them your looking in the range of $ 10,000 dollars . What I was told is on a trade in dealers will give you pennies to the dollar if it's 4 years or so because they know it could need battery replacement at or before 5 years and at that time it's worth nothing but scrap . How about that for food for thought ?? Anyway in my eyes you dodged a bullet . Enjoy the blue beast , I really love the feeling of the steering very positive . regards Ian (REMEMBER NOT ALL BIRDS FLY SOUTH )

Dan Leavens
12-07-2013, 05:14 PM
Ray I really like what Ford has done with Focus as they are really sharp looking and have great lines. The colour is great and it was good you held out for it, as you will have many years of " cruisin ". Just watch out as BlueRose will attract many women:eek:

12-09-2013, 05:35 PM
Loving the new focus. I drive an 03 Focus I bought new, and love it. I have thought about selling it several times over the years, but have never quite been able to let her go.

Congrats on the new ride. I am a member of a focus forum, if you are looking for more information, or what not. I know some forums don't like linking to other forums, but let me know if you want the link.

12-09-2013, 05:40 PM
Great color Ray. Just need some light window tint & one of those "My other car is a CLASSIC T-BIRD" decals on the back glass (yellow color- of course).


12-09-2013, 06:50 PM
Thanks, for the comments! Aaron, I am glad to hear that you have gotten good service from your Focus. Shoot me an email or a PM with the Focus Forum information. I might check it out. Today, I am not to happy because it has been raining and my new, shiny paint has rain and road splash all over it! Oh well, it will not be the last time that happens, I am sure.

As for a decal for it, how about something like this, that Marco just sent me from the Netherlands?!

12-10-2013, 04:43 PM
I've bought 3 Chevy's new, and after the auto bailouts, we've decided that our next NEW vehicle will be a Ford. I like the F-150 crewcab.

12-10-2013, 05:28 PM
I would like to think you want a F-150 because it's the best truck out there. You can't go wrong w/an F-150/250/250SD/300 pickup truck. - Dave

01-01-2014, 02:04 PM
Great looking little car. I'm partial to little cars for daily duties and hatchbacks. My daily driver is a 2005 Mazda3 and I love it.

I'm particularly fond of the new Fiesta ST which looks like a riot..

... As for a Hybrid , I've learned this working part time at a Ford dealership up here as a shuttle driver , where at times I drive vehicles to the body shop or to new car sales . They give the battery packs an average life span of 5 years to replace them your looking in the range of $ 10,000 dollars . What I was told is on a trade in dealers will give you pennies to the dollar if it's 4 years or so because they know it could need battery replacement at or before 5 years and at that time it's worth nothing but scrap . How about that for food for thought ?? ...

If that's the case with Ford hybrids, they are woefully poorly engineered. I suspect that's one man's opinion or a gross exaggeration of fact.

I just bought my wife a used 2007 Prius. I did a lot of research because I was concerned with the battery life and replacement costs. What I learned was the Prius is one of the most reliable vehicles made according to Consumer Reports & the reliability site True Delta (http://www.TrueDelta.com). The big traction battery rarely fails, in fact many owners have gone 200K-300K miles on the original battery. There are many reliably serving in taxi service.

Battery replacements are fairly rare and if needed a new OEM battery from Toyota is under $5K. There are aftermarket batteries for less, but because they are so durable getting a used one from a wreck is a great option at under $1,000.

Perhaps the Ford batteries are less reliable than the Toyota, but I seriously doubt they are toast after only 5 years and cost $10K to replace.

01-01-2014, 02:05 PM
Thanks for all the comments about my new ride! Shortly after I bought her, I found a set of seat covers and a good set of front and back rubber black floor mats at one of the local auto parts stores. I like the seat covers because they have blue in them that is pretty close to a match to the car color. The rubber floor mats are easy to pull out and wash off. They will go a long way in protecting my carpeting. My Dodge had a complete set of plastic floor mats made to match the interior of the van. The carpeting, and the van, except for the drivers seat (I never put a seat cover on it and should have ) for that matter, looked like it was still brand new when I traded it off.

I see that Doug and I were posting at the same time. Doug, for the sake of the Ford Hybrid owners, I hope that information regarding Ford battery life and replacement cost is not accurate. That, the additional cost of the Hybrid, and the lack of the color I wanted, was the reason why I did not buy one. The salesman told me they did not come in Blue Candy. I found out, after the fact, that he was not correct. In my research, I forgot to check on the color availability of the Hybrid because I was not seriously considering it because of the additional cost of the vehicle. As it turned out, they did have one available in that color, but he did not know that. It was fun to drive though, and strange not to hear any engine noise!

Here are some pix of my seat covers.

01-01-2014, 03:42 PM
Congrats Ray! I guess itīs the 2:nd best choose as they donīt sell the Volvo V40 in the USA yet ;)
One funny thing I see and reminds me of the years with Ford is the blue water cap in the engine bay. When "the yanks took us over" they started to change a lot of things including the colors on all liquid containers. At Volvo, we have one color per function, but Ford only have Black with Yellow text or Yellow with Black text. As Iīm responsible for the engine bay ( upon other areas ) here I have these endless discussions with them regarding this. In the end, I totally refused to give up on our blue caps for water, and it vent all the way up to the top suits in Dearborn before it was decided that we have to change all caps except for the water, and that Ford would follow that. Donīt know how often you guys fill that one but here, itīs on a weekly basis during winter time. Another funny thing was a symbol for the fuse box. They insisted to keep using the one they had, inkl. Mazda for years, but as it look more like an electric chair ( a seat with a flash ) I won that one too and since, we have one that actually looks like a fuse, + a symbol of the instruction manual… I see that you have that box ;) Funny memories :)

01-01-2014, 04:13 PM
Thanks for the insight, Anders! Yup, I have a blue cap on my water bottle. As for filling it up, that depends on how much we have to use it. It is one of the things they are supposed to do when you go in for service, or that I will check from time to time. Yup, I see the black with yellow caps on the rest of the stuff. Your comments are interesting to me! Thanks for sharing them! I am a bit surprised that they allowed the blue cap to remain. You must have some clout! :D

01-01-2014, 05:09 PM
I'm pretty confident that info is incorrect. I know that some states (CARB statess) require long battery warranties, 10 years 150k on the Prius. I assume that others would be similar and in fact that's exactly what Ford's hybrid warranty (http://www.ford.com/cars/cmax/2013/warranty/) is, 8yr/100K in most states, 10/150K in CARB states. So clearly they last longer than 4-5 years or Ford would be paying for a lot of batteries!

I'm not a fan of the seat covers, but it's not my car. :p Modern leathers seats are quite durable and very attractive, I'd just leave 'em alone if it were me. :D

They are neat cars, a coworker has a Focus ST which he loves. Drives a fair bit different than the T'bird, a different kind of fun. Will likely run circles around it too, I know my Mazda3 will. I love them both, for different reasons.

01-01-2014, 06:29 PM
Thanks for posting that link. That should be a help to others who might be considering the Ford Hybrid as a future choice. As for the seat covers... They will work for me, I think. My van had an all leather interior and I made the mistake of not putting a seat cover on the drivers side at least. After 10 years of use, with the rest of the seats looking to be almost new, the drivers seat was really showing the wear and tear on it. I also noticed that I had a bunch of orange "popcorn" under the seat as the seat cushion was going bad on me. So, hence the seat covers. If I find something that looks better, I might replace them.

Yes, it is so much fun to drive! As much fun as my Mazda RX-7 rotary drive when I bought it new many years ago. Up to now, that was the most fun to drive.

01-01-2014, 06:55 PM
Well Ray, Iīm pretty sure that your leather interior would look quite OK, if not better than new with some nice patina if you treat it with leather treatment from time to time.
Modern cars does have quite an disanvantage compare to old style cars and that is the fact that the leather is painted, and with thick paint, to the correct color and this makes it more difficult for it to breath. There are A LOT of different levels of quality as well, in the same car, not to mention that most brands still use vinyl on some places but still call it "full leather". Oh yes, they cheat and they do it on purpose! There is money to save you know…. And Ford are experts in saving that kind of money I tell you. Oh yeah. So you can wear off the paint without to much effort. Sometimes only by enter and exit the car while sliding over the seat, wears out the paint and another color appears. Still, by using leather treatment, they still look SO MUCH BETTER than not using it.

bird 60
01-01-2014, 07:27 PM
Hi Ray, Just on a curious note, the 2013 Focus Hatchback sold for $32,990 here in OZ. The Diesel sold for $ 36,490. If you got it with all the bells & whistles an extra $2,500.

If not being personal how much were they in the States.

Chris.....From OZ.

01-01-2014, 09:32 PM
Hi Chris,

I will do some research on that after the Tostito's Bowl is over and send ya a PM! I am watching football, U. of Central Florida vs Baylor U.