View Full Version : Ever See A 2-Headed Car?

07-03-2013, 09:53 AM
Ken ~ kennybert sent me this! You gotta see this!

I also want to share a photo of a car I built once back in my wild days,, i still have it too lol its two 1991 ford festivas cut in two and the fronts welded back together,, just something i wanted to do back then...me and the grandsons drive it in parades ..both ends runs ...:o)

07-03-2013, 10:41 AM
That's cool :cool:
Even the interiors match

If both ends run - where's the gas tank?

Are you coming or going? - you can officially answer - YES :rolleyes:


07-03-2013, 11:06 AM
Hi Eric, I have just emailed Ken to ask him about the gas tank because I was wondering about that also, and one or two other things. I will let ya'll know what he says.. I bet that car gets a lot of attention on the road and in parades! :eek:

07-03-2013, 12:03 PM
thats exactly what they say as Im driving the parade route ,,are you coming or going? Ill tell the grandson to turn his wheel all the way to the left and I turn mine right and we go down the road sideways .. if we have plenty of room we can really put on a show going around and around .its been a lot of fun over the years but im about ready to retire it because now even the good engine is starting to give up on me ...its always been a hit in the parades ,,people taking pix and video'g,,,,,
kids love it ...as well as grownups

07-03-2013, 12:40 PM
I see that Ken has made some additional comments since I last posted! Fun stuff! Here is what he told me in email.

"gas tank is a small tank in between the seats,,. its covered really good..yes the one end with the automatic tranny is running rough lately so we just leave it shut down.. and drive the end with the stick shift. yea just put the non running end in neutral.. brakes are hooked up also but from sitting so much i had to unhook one of the cars brakes.. its a front wheel drive otherwise it wouldnt be possible for me to do... I built this in 2001 i think it was.. and i cut it in two with a skilsaw with a abrasive blade in it.. i cut right through the gas lines and brakes lines when i did it.. anyways dont try this at home ... I found out in a hurry that its not legal to drive on the road cause as soon as i got it welded together I took it down the road for a test run.. just as soon as I pulled out of my driveway the cops came around the corner and stopped me.. told me to keep it off the road.. we live in a small town and everyone knows everyone and the cops were good friends of mine so they just checked it out and left shaking their heads ...probably wondering what this ole redneck will do next... but not until telling me to keep it off the road..lol. My wife always said i had to much time on my hands.."

Dan Leavens
07-05-2013, 01:00 PM
Wow:eek: I can honestly say I have never seen anything quite like this Ken. Brings a whole new meaning to the old saying ". Back seat driver " don't you think?? Can you shed any light on just how you came up with the idea in the first place?


07-05-2013, 09:37 PM
well it all started with bud and his boys .. you know him ,,bud weiser ...when I was a kid I seen 2 65 chevys together like that and I thought if I live long enough Ill make me one of those ,, well I got one in a trade
....festiva .....and drove it back in forth to work for awhile and one day a guy stopped by and he said I have one of those little cars out behind the barn .. so I bought the second festiva off him for a parts car .. well I was working on an old car I had at the time and after each turn or two of the wrench I would take a sip of beer (budweiser) well that ole beer got to tasting mighty fine that day and after awhile I was a mite tipsy ..this was all back in my drinking days I dont do that stuff anymore .. anyways I thought hmmmm Ive got two of those little cars ,,with me being a redneck it was nothing for me to have 10 to 12 cars at a time sitting around ..anywho ..the drunker I sat there the ideas kept flowing .. so I get out the old handy dandy skilsaw and put an abrasive blade in it and cut loose ...I put my goggles on and a pair of coveralls and away I went ..my first cut was crooked as a rainbow ..looked like a ky roadmap..so I stopped and got the chalk out and made me a line all the way around the car..well with old bud in control it still wasnt as straight as i woulda liked it ..but what cant ya do ..hard to saw with a can of beer in one hand and a saw in the other ..anyways I cut through everything as I came to it including brake lines gas lines all the wiring ...its a wonder i didnt burn the place down in the middle of the night ..but somehow I managed to survive ...I made a 4x4 frame work and put both front ends Of the car onto that and pulled them together with winches.get it close and grind away metal to make things fit tighter until i actually got it pretty flush all the way around ..so then I get out the handy dandy mig welder and sparks commenced to flyin again avoidin burning the place down..get it all welded togther and even tho it felt pretty solid I was afraid it would break in to in the middle Of a parade somewhere .. so I got me a sheet of 1/4" plate and bolted and welded all that together underneath the floor pan ..then I could load it down with grandkids to ride in the parades ..that was a long story but thats how it went ..that was all back in my drinking days ..but you know how a redneck is ..I never had much growing up so I made it .. lordy If I would of got my hands on a ceiling fan its untelling what kind of story id be telling right now ...;o) .....thats how us rednecks roll .. our favorite saying is ,,here hold my beer and watch this...