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01-16-2013, 09:18 PM
I have all this information in another post in the "Flairbird" section but, thought maybe a few more eyes might see it here.

I have a 1965 Thunderbird with a 2V carb so I am not sure what application my engine came from ... here are what numbers I have found so far:

Engine: C6ME (there is no -A after this number)(I have discovered that this number is next to useless for identification)

Engine Date Code: 6B9 (1966 February 9th)?

Intake: 6J17 (1966 September 17th)? and C7TE 9425E (1967 Truck)?

Exhaust: C6AE 9430A

My best guess is that I have a 1966 Full Size car engine with a 1967 Truck intake manifold ... mind you, this is just a guess. If someone can confirm or debunk this notion please chime in.

Thanks, Paul

01-17-2013, 12:49 AM
Paul, I am building a 390 Light duty TE engine, which is really an FE that came from a '73 F-100. Right now it's too cold in Michigan to work outside so this engine is well oiled and wrapped, waiting for better weather. The owner of the engine is Penelope in Perth, Australia, and that's where it's going as soon as I'm done.

Back to your situation. I love the TE engine. To me, it's even better than what comes in Ford cars for many reasons. You can easily check the stroke because that's the biggest difference between 352s and 390/427s.

Crank the damper to TDC and pull two spark plugs, #1 & #4. When #1 piston is up, #4 piston is down.

Stick a welding rod down each plug hole and mark the depth. Just use the valve cover flange and a sharpie. It doesn't need to be real accurate. The 390/427 stroke should show 3.75" between your marks. The 352 stroke is 3.5". Simply put, if you have anything over 3-1/2" between your marks, it's NOT a 352. - Dave

01-17-2013, 11:21 AM
Thanks Dave, Checking the stroke is my next task. I agree with you on the engine being out of a truck. It makes the most sense from everything that I have been able to gather so far.