View Full Version : A Flock Of Fords In Denmark!

10-07-2012, 02:49 PM
In a series of emails today with Anders Nannerup ~ Copenhagen GT, in Denmark, Anders told me the following and give me permission to post this and the pix to go with it.

"As you can see, I just love all Fords. It all began back in 1976 when my family travelled across 23 states, most of it in a Ford LTD rental. (I actually recently bought a 25K mile 1978 LTD survivor we imported for my 78 year old father as a surprise.)

Later in 1982-83 I went to High School as part of the Rotary exchange programme, and 2 of my best friends had a 1966 Mustang HT and a 1974 Ranchero that is probably why I have now been heavily involved in the Mustang hobby as president for the Danish Mustang Club for many years and I now own a 74 Ranchero.

On the Ford list I also have a 1983 Econoline Zimmer conversion van, a 1972 F350 Nascar car hauler, a 2005 FR500C factory Mustang racecar #004, a 1965 original Mustang. A-Sedan race car (ex. Gene Felton) and a 1968 Mustang Trans Am replica race car Fords everywhere."

I don't have a pic of the Sedan race car (ex. Gene Felton) pic.

Enjoy the bevy of Beauties Anders owns!