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05-09-2012, 04:27 PM
Hi, does anyone know something about this kind of intake?
I can hardly find any info about it. it must be a 1961 but it shows in some found info for a 406 engine, then it must fit also the 352 and 390 shouldn't it?
There is one for sale, wonder how much these usually go for.
I wonder what the best alu intake is for the 352 also in order to increase the HP a bit.

05-09-2012, 07:39 PM
To be honest Ron, FE's had about fifty different intakes and many different heads. I always match them before buying just because there are so many different combinations.

I recently bought Edelbrock heads and intake because they only make one set right now. - Dave

05-11-2012, 06:00 AM
It is the 1961 derivative of the 1960 352/360HP - 1961 390CI/375HP - 1962 406CI/385HP - 1963 427CI LR/410HP 4V Hi-Po engine series aluminum intake manifold(s).

05-12-2012, 05:21 AM
thanks for the responses.
50 different intakes, wow, that is a lot!
I am not really ready yet to modernize the car as of yet, first get it ready in the original state but once it is ready I want to get an alu water pump, alu intake and maybe alu heads and disc-brakes with the new power brake system from old irish dave.
But I am on the lookout. I am looking first for an 'original' ford alu intake because of the oil fill tube. reason for that is because I have the nice original valve covers, 2 sets of them 1 with the FORD inscription and one chrome set with the THUNDERBIRD inscription both without the oil fill cap.
But in the future I might go for the edelbrock system heads and intake but then I would need new valve covers also. As long as I know that I have the original in the garage somewhere. See with a good alu system I can make the car run better, a bit more HP and more efficient and decrease the weight a bit.
This alu intake is for sale on the net and I wondered if it is a good one and anything known about the quality of this series but there is very little to find on the net about this type with this casting number unfortunately and how much they are worth.

ps, still snowing today out here, last year about the same time we already had nice sunny weather, snow gone and about 70f and I was working on the car. Now still about 20inches of snow still on the ground, 30f and snowing, car still in the garage.

05-12-2012, 06:48 AM
I am looking first for an 'original' ford alu intake because of the oil fill tube.

This intake has the oil fill feature you are looking for. The oil fill tube is still available. The EDELBROCK intake may not have this provision.Also, this intake will allow you to add a PCV System that will be hardly noticed.


05-12-2012, 06:46 PM
yes thanks, I checked the mustang link before but it does not have the exact casting number in there (with the c at the end).
My own intake that I have now is cast iron and it's code is C4SE-8425-A (bit I could be mistaken and could be 9425-A) it is difficult to see the difference between an 8 and a 9 in the casting code.
Question is, would I be better of with the alu C1-AE-9424-C (casting number on ebay) or is my cast iron C4SE-8425-A (or 9425-A) better and more HP?


05-12-2012, 09:56 PM
Ron, ALL Ford intake manifolds are 9425.

FE intake manifolds are HUGE and very heavy. If you get the chance to use aluminum, I would always suggest you use it for two reasons:
They are MUCH lighter,
They transfer heat much easier than cast iron.

The best combination is to use both aluminum heads AND intake manifold. Again, it drops 100 pounds weight off but more importantly, it transfers heat to the coolant much faster.

When Ford started using aluminum heads, detonation and run-on stopped and engines could use higher compression ratios for more HP because of better heat transfer. - Dave

05-13-2012, 04:07 AM
Thanks Gary and Dave.
this is the listing in ebay :

hope it is a good one. or wait for this so called F427 to come by?
here another link I found with intake casting numbers and description.

they said that the
C6AZ-9424-M 427 MR 1968 4V Equal Aluminum (2) 1.78 x 2.50 Oval 1.24 1.94 Before 11/1/1966
Best all round intake, single four barrel, sidewinder design
C6AZ-9424-H 428 PI 1966-69 4V Dual Aluminum (2) 1.78 x 2.50 Oval 1.24 1.94 Second best intake, single four barrel, Police Interceptor 428 model, the cast iron model is the same just 55 lbs. heavier

are the best ones from Ford and with oil fill tube I believe.
got to check which ones for edelbrock or weiand or holley were revied as the best ones and with oil fill tube.
I know I started a thread on this before, maybe the threads should be merged.

some others I found now on fleabay.



05-13-2012, 06:02 AM
Before we go any further, are you wanting to keep the engine appearance somewhat stock or do you mind the engine appearing as modified?

9425 is the Casting I.D. Basic PN while 9424 is the Service Part Basic PN. Some specialty castings (such as the CIAE 9424-C) will actually carry the original Service PN. These were produced for FOMOCO by an outside vendor.

CIAE specifies original installation;

C = 1960'S (Decade)
1 = 1961
E = Engine Group

Be very careful of intakes that have been modified. The 406 shown with the carb pad modification has been "hogged" and may not perform on the engine as expected.

You also have to be concerned with carb pad height of the intake as it may interfere with hood closing. You also want strictly Dual Plane intake types. A mild street engine will never see over 5500 to 6000 RPM so keep the RPM range selected realistic.

The Casting I.D No on the intake you have shown is for a 1961 model year. When a knowledgeable enthusiast sees that, he will know the intake is not OEM to the installation. I believe a either a 406 or 427 LR intake you showed has no casting nos. You would be able to install that one with no obvious modifications shown (if the intake is painted engine color).

05-13-2012, 06:16 AM
Hi Gary,
well first I was thinking to keep everything 100% stock just for nostalgia and car value reasons. But I was thinking of improving a bit, there is always a reason why ford but also edelbrock etc made more modern parts as intakes because it makes the car run better, more power and maybe more efficient.
So modification/improvement is something I will consider, I just keep the stock part on the shelve for maybe a future buyer if he want to go to concourse with it.
First see what is possible with a modification that looks stock (from a distance) then looking into modification that by the looks it is obvious that it has been modified. But as long as I do not have to adapt/change the engine irreversible.
Seen the casting number I have now on my intake that came with the engine (the C4SE) it is not original to car anyway so that leaves to road open to improvements without the guilt feeling of diverting from original.

just for completeness here all the casting numbers I could find on my engine that I posted in a thread in 2010
you see my engine has parts from all different years.

Block code C8AE 6015-H
Heads C8AE-H
intake manifold C4SE 9425-A 4E22:
exh. manifold C3SE 9430B and 9431B 4E14:

water pump C6AE 8505B
timing chain cover C8AE 6059-A

different parts from different years
looking at the numbers a have a feeling its a 390 engine?
edit, just found out that in my manifold alt least the S means thunderbird from the C4SE so it will be a 64 Tbird manifold from a 390cid while the engine is self has different casting numbers and year.

05-13-2012, 07:39 AM

You most likely have a late 390 UNLESS the previous owner just used the block for a service replacement and kept the 352 crank (very unlikely).

This is how I view valuable car modifications (and I am very anal :p )-

One can modify the engine if those modifications do not take away from the appearance/value of the car. I would try to find an early unmarked FORD aluminum intake and paint it engine color with a set of stamped FORD rocker covers (painted correct year color or possibly chromed). Maybe a slight camshaft upgrade. One of the worst restrictions on a 58/60 BIRD engine is the exhaust manifolds. An upgrade along with a free flow exhaust will be about the best upgrade you can make.

When I look @ an original car (unmolested) and pop the hood, the theme must be OEM, no STANT radiator caps or INTERSTATE batteries... :(

But this is your car and you do what you want. I am merely jealous and dreaming with your car... :cool: