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11-18-2011, 04:19 AM
HI all heres some pictures of my fifty nine,,

Photo shopped white wall tyres,, but the rest is all real

enjoy i am sure i will

Thanks Especially to Ray Clark for all your help


bird 60
11-18-2011, 06:53 AM
Very very nice Tony, love the colour & yes it'll look magic once you get the Whitewalls.;)

Chris....From OZ

11-18-2011, 06:59 AM
Well done Tony. Luv the colour & the interior looks awesome. You will certainly turn some heads mate. Enjoy the cruising!!!!

11-18-2011, 08:26 AM
Agreed - that old 59 Yank Tank is really shining and the color is great. Very nice match on the interior too...

Drive safe!

registry 5347

11-18-2011, 09:58 AM
Hi Tony & Liz! Beautiful! Just gorgeous! What a beautiful color inside and out. Thanks for posting the pix for all to enjoy! I was glad to help!

11-18-2011, 01:58 PM
Looking totally awesome!!!! Love it! Great Cadillac hub caps as well. Only missing part is a Turqouse pearl steering wheel..... ;)
Good photochopping as well :)

11-18-2011, 04:20 PM
Thanks for spoiling us with these pics!!!

She is a fantastic looking Bird, very refreshing looking colors- Inside & out!! :cool:

She SCREAMS 1950's!!! IMO.

-Jon in TX.

Jimz Bird
11-18-2011, 05:17 PM

Definately an outstanding color.

Well Done!

Richard D. Hord
11-18-2011, 07:09 PM
Hey Tony,
She is sooooooooooo pretty!
Richard D. Hord

11-29-2011, 05:46 AM
Thanks for all the kind remarks

Heres some more, all but a little dusty

Richard D. Hord
11-29-2011, 08:15 AM
Hey Tony,
DUSTY? You could eat off that engine! Makes me wish my "Christine" was that nice :(
Richard D. Hord

12-02-2011, 02:02 PM
I can't find one to post at the moment but just imagine one of those cartoons where the guy sees a nice car and his bottom jaw flops on the ground - that's very nice.


Will this one do, Eric? Ray

12-02-2011, 05:52 PM
Something like this?.... ;)

12-02-2011, 06:37 PM
Oh yea - thanks Ray and Anders - those are great - now Tony knows what I looked like after he opened the hood on his car. :D

12-03-2011, 12:18 AM
Drove my car for a couple of hours today, all around town.

Not yet game to take her out of town, but all goes well. Temperature has dropped on idle and traffic.

It really is great<<<<,, people smile at you, kids wave and scream and jump up and down.

My Dad thinks its just the ducks nuts !

Here is some shots of Toowoomba as seen on my way home to Highfields


12-03-2011, 12:02 PM
Tony, your '59 is dynamite! I'm looking at the detail and cannot overlook your two stage power brake booster and adjust-o-ring mirrors. Nice work, mate. - Dave Dare

Dan Leavens
12-04-2011, 02:01 PM
Tony / Liz just saw the thread / posts on your 59:eek: She is absolutely stunning and the colour combo shouts of the 50's. You should be very proud to show her off at the show and shines. Good stuff:D

03-03-2012, 06:09 AM
Loving your car mate. One question, who's brake conversion did you use. Are you happy with the results, Stu