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07-02-2011, 08:59 AM
A friend is sending me an article which I will scan in and post. It is from a 1979 issue of Specialty Cars (or title to that effect)

It is about a Squarebird enthusiast who made a trek from one of the midAtlantic states to Florida. He had a truck and also his prized black, and white 1960 sunroof Squarebirds.

One Squarebird was towing the other (talk about those drum brakes being not fit for the task!). At some point in South Carolina he had his wife drive the Squarebird tandem. She was apparently not the most patient driver and opted to pass a slower car. Not sure of the details yet but she got some of the wheels into the gravel on the side of the road, lost control and crashed. Not only did both TBirds crash but they got upside down! The wife was mostly unhurt, I believe.

I will post the complete article in a week or so after he sends it to me.

Amazing. . . that's all I can think of.


07-05-2011, 10:39 AM
I've seen that article (with pics) - believe I have a copy. If I'm not mistaken it's titled "Squashed Squarebirds".

That would definitely qualify as a bad day.

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07-05-2011, 04:02 PM
Ouch!! :eek:

Bad day for sure, I don't know if I even would want to see the pics!! :(

-Jon in TX.

There are so few 1960 sunroof birds left, because Ford produced less of them....