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02-16-2011, 10:09 PM
I was on a cruise last night with a couple of hundred hot rods and classics. The temperature hovered around 38C (around 100F) and we travelled about 110km's all up (say 65 miles).

I was fascinated to note that on the freeways there were a number of late model cars that had overheated and stopped and yet none of the cruisers fell victim (well, that I saw anyway). Given that overheating would be one of the biggest fear we classic car lovers face, it's a testament to the owners of the cars that they had prepared them so well. No doubt there would have been some people pull out of the cruise due to the expected high temps, but all in all I feel sure that many classic drivers had a smile on their dial when they drove past the late model breakdowns.:)

I took my 60 and the only other T-Bird that I saw on the cruise was that of the Oceanside Thunderbirds team, Tracey and Paul in their beautiful pink baby bird.

Expect to see an update and photo's from the cruise soon at tbirds.com.au (no www.).

02-17-2011, 03:51 PM
If any of you Australian guys come to an event and you see "Fuel Magazine", a VERY cool magazine, please say Hi to Luke Ray from me. He used to work at Volvo design. A very good designer, amazing photographer and awerall a great guy.