View Full Version : Mecum Florida 2011

02-02-2011, 12:25 PM
I was in Florida last week for the Mecum Auction. This auction was overwhelming, the quality and variety of cars was unlike any other event I've attended.

I saw four Thunderbirds worth noting here:

The 1958 Thunderstang convertible/1996 Mustang drivetrain and interior, Silver/Black top that we've conversed about in the past, sold for $16,500 on Wed

The Red 1958 Convertible from Orlando that appears on ebay from time to time, no sale at $29,000 on Wed

A Light Blue 1962 M-Code HT, no sale at $32,000 on Sat, beautiful car.

A Red 1962 Sport Roadster M-Code from NJ, sold at $70,000 on Sat according to the results, I thought it sold at $75,000 in a last minute deal while driving out the building.

I missed the two squarebird auctions as I arrived too late on Wednesday to see their auctions. I realize it called an auction, but it sure does qualifiy as one spectatular show.