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  1. Ford releases specs on new FPV Falcons
  2. Next Ford Focus will be a "global project", C1 platform coming Stateside
  3. Analysts predict diesels to make up 20% of U.S. market by 2020
  4. In the Autoblog Garage: 2008 F-350 King Ranch [w/VIDEO]
  5. Production Ford Transit Connect SportVan debuts
  6. VIDEO: Mustang gets Aston Martin Vanquish V12
  7. It has a nice personality: Ford boosts Focus production by 30% to meet demand
  8. Ford's Drive One campaign moving full speed ahead
  9. Ranger: Built Ford Tough... with stripes
  10. Good news for Detroit: Big 3 gearing up for hiring binge
  11. 5.0L V8 could return in 2010 Mustang
  12. Ford gets dinged again for Bridgestone debacle, lawyers make out like bandits
  13. **** that Flex is sexy!
  14. Ford launches new performance site for enthusiasts
  15. eBay Motors sells 3 millionth vehicle, reimburses buyer and then some
  16. Woodward Dream Cruise expands to nine-day autothon
  17. Chemical fire flares at Ford's Cleveland Engine #2 plant
  18. Jaguar Land Rover CEO dies
  19. 2009 Ford Fusion to get more power, six-speed 'box
  20. Pics Aplenty: Ford unveils Fiesta S in China
  21. ALMS at Long Beach
  22. GM slips to number four on the Fortune 500
  23. In the Autoblog Garage: 2008 Mustang Bullitt - Video edition
  24. First 2009 GT500KRs roll out of Shelby Automotive
  25. US federal regulators clear Jag/Land Rover sale
  26. Ford surprises with $100 million net income in Q1
  27. Spy Shots: Ford Fiesta Sedan snapped
  28. The 9 millionth Mustang rolls off the assembly line
  29. Kirk Kerkorian to up ownership in Ford to 5.6-percent
  30. Latest Ford Focus ST arrives in the UK
  31. First Drive: 2008 Shelby GT500KR, Part 1
  32. Five-Oh fanatics: Saleen now offering 302 crate engines
  33. CAW reaches deal with Ford five months early
  34. Rendered Speculation: Another take on a new Ford Capri
  35. First Drive: 2008 Shelby GT500KR, Part 2
  36. Ford Mustang GT500KR priced at $79,995
  37. Obsidian SG1: 800 hp, twin-supercharged uber-Stang
  38. SYNC retrofit kit now available for 2008 Navigator, Mustang next
  39. VIDEO: Ford Powertrain Director talks Diesel Engines
  40. Kerkorian's boy says Ford should offload Mercury, Volvo
  41. Apocalypse Preparation: Geiger Ford F650
  42. Design students envision a modern Model-T
  43. Thieves: No gearbox? No problem!
  44. And you thought $79,995 was crazy...GT500KR for sale on ebay for $154,991.00
  45. Ford stock up thanks to Kerkorian, Volvo remains "not for sale"
  46. Hyundai, Kia to get version of Microsoft's SYNC
  47. Ford Europe launches new top shelf Mondeo - the Titanium X Sport
  48. Obama picks worst car ever to come out of Motown
  49. Ford holds Taurus SHO focus group in Chicago... what does it mean???
  50. Rendered Speculation: Is it SHOtime for the next Ford Taurus?
  51. Ford begins production of new mid-range six-speed automatic
  52. KEY FOR-D-GT kit fixes Ford supercar's only fault
  53. Ford sues to block importation of Mustang parts
  54. Who would have thought? Ford Racing has a sense of humor
  55. Round Two: Second Unique Performance auction set for June
  56. Toyota responds to Ford's new initial quality ads
  57. Enter the Rumormill: Ford considering F-100 small pickup
  58. Tweaked 2009 Ford Focus Coupe debuts
  59. Kerkorian not likely to be hands-off Ford investor
  60. Hertz Shelby GT-Hs going up for auction
  61. More details on the 2009 Ford Focus
  62. Long Beach K9 Officers Association Car Show
  63. In the Autoblog Garage: 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang
  64. Ford recalling 605,000 full-size trucks
  65. Pics Aplenty: The new FPV range launches Down Under
  66. VIDEO: Ford demonstrates new nav system with Sirius Travel
  67. Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy
  68. 45th Anniversary Mustang badge found
  69. Convertible sales retracted in 2007
  70. First Drive: 2009 Ford Escapes, more of almost everything
  71. 5.4L V8 power ratings revealed for 2009 Ford F-150
  72. Geo Metros going for big money on high gas prices
  73. Jaguar posts first sales rise in almost 2 years
  74. Markup Much? Dealer demands $155k for Shelby GT500KR
  75. The end is nigh? Camry outsold Silverado in April, gunning for F-Series
  76. GM to continue weaning itself off fleet sales
  77. C-Max and Kuga may follow Euro Focus to the U.S.
  78. Ford to make fewer Volvos, possibly in prep for sale
  79. Pickuptrucks.com performs Ultimate Sh-Ute-Out
  80. Ford subject of another fire investigation
  81. North America Ford Fiesta rumored to come in under $15k
  82. Undercover Stangs: Indiana police to use unmarked Mustangs
  83. Ford to make less vehicles in 2008: more cars, fewer trucks
  84. Ford Flex gets fridge
  85. Thunderbird Ranch out to pasture?
  86. L.A. County Lifeguards rolling in custom Ford Escape Hybrids
  87. "For Sale" of the Day: 1982 CHP Mustang
  88. Ford cuts inspired by Honda
  89. Ford dealership tells non-believers to "sit down and shut up"
  90. Ford firing letting go up to 12% of salaried workers
  91. David Cook and Ford: The start of a beautiful friendship?
  92. Ford ties Toyota in Strategic Vision 2008 Total Quality Awards
  93. Spy Shots: 2009 Ford Harley-Davidson F-450
  94. Ford eyeing Mexico for Fiesta production
  95. Ford confirms Fiesta hatchback for the U.S.
  96. Spy Shots: Ford Fusion's new face found
  97. 2009 Ford Ka unofficially revealed
  98. eBay Find of the Day: 1923 Model T powered by Harley V-Twin
  99. Mustang Blue: The new smell of 'Stang
  100. Ford delays car payments for victims of Iowa tornado
  101. 2010 Ford Mustang to appear smaller
  102. Surging steel prices cost automakers $500 more per vehicle
  103. Jaguar/Land Rover sale a done deal, Tata names new CEO
  104. Ford planning F-100 and global Ranger replacement
  105. Lincoln books 8,600 preorders for MKS
  106. Autoblog Podcast #96
  107. Ford battling bad truck sales with Employee Pricing on F-Series in June
  108. Spy Shots/Video: 2010 Ford Mustang GT
  109. VIDEO: Autoblog talks design with Ford Director Peter Horbury
  110. Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Mustang interior
  111. Ford begins production of the Flex
  112. 2009 Ford Mustang production estimated at just 45,000 units
  113. Ford to cut cost of salaried workers 15% by Aug. 1
  114. Incentive Roundup: Chrysler adds more cash to free gas, Ford mum on Employee Pricing
  115. Aussie Ford FG01 V8 Supercar unveiled
  116. Australian government asks for hybrid, promises to buy it
  117. Rumormill: Ford working on four-door Mondeo coupe
  118. Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Shelby GT500
  119. New Use #101 for Unsold Full-Size Trucks: Birds Nest
  120. We got nothin': Supplier says no more Mercury past 2012
  121. Kerkorian asks for 20mil Ford shares, gets offered a billion
  122. Spy Shots: Ford Ka caught
  123. Desperate times: Ford will retool truck plants to build cars
  124. Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Fusion features Super Sized screen
  125. First Drive: 2009 Ford Flex Limited AWD
  126. Ford's Mark Fields calls plug-in hybrids a "national priority"
  127. 2009 Focus RS info emerges after internet leaks
  128. Ford Fiesta snapped in the wild
  129. Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy
  130. Spy Shots: 2010 Shelby GT500 snapped again, more revealed
  131. Ask and you shall receive (a little): DOE giving automakers $30mil for PHEV developme
  132. Ford UK announces limited edition Fiesta ST500
  133. Ford Racing Invitational '08: Waiting on the rain
  134. Ford Racing Invitational: We finally hit the track!
  135. Lightning fans rejoice! A new SVT prepped F-150 is coming this fall
  136. Ford to launch Mustang Cobra Jet factory drag racer this summer
  137. Rumormill: Ford converting North American factories to make European cars
  138. Ford and Chrysler cut ad spending... uh oh
  139. Ford Racing Invitational '08: The aftermath
  140. Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Mustang glass-top coupe and base convertible
  141. Detroit 3 show restraint in tough times, continue to limit fleet sales
  142. Ford reduces time between styling changes to three years
  143. ROUSH set to unveil RTC Mustang
  144. Obama promises more meetings with automakers if president
  145. No surprise here: Expedition, Navigator production stopped for nine weeks
  146. GM, Ford exporting $2 billion in vehicles, parts to China
  147. Tracinda meets with Bill and Al, talks turnaround
  148. Autoblog Podcast #98
  149. eBay Find of the Day: 2008 Shelby Super Snake
  150. Ford SVT Truck update: Harley F-150 coming in early '09
  151. Man gets caught with custom-built gas-stealing truck
  152. Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Mustang reveals its rear
  153. Kerkorian buys more of Ford than planned
  154. Spy Shots: Ford F-150 Raptor gets a grille
  155. Ford gives 88-MPG flex-fuel, plug-in Escape Hybrid to Department of Energy
  156. Ford confirms U.S. production of Euro Focus in 2010, delays new F-150 launch
  157. Neff's Endgame: SHO monster on Craigslist
  158. **** $4 Gas! Ford kills Boss engine for F-150, Mustang
  159. Ford to produce Focus in two plants in 2010
  160. Romeo 605 blown 5.4L crate engine appears in Ford Racing catalog
  161. Ford Ranger to avoid the axe in '09?
  162. Ford to market F-150 as a work truck
  163. GM/Ford merger brought up in boardroom, immediately shot down
  164. In the Autoblog Garage: 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid [w/VIDEO]
  165. Look at those shoes: Goodyear picked for standard Flex fitment
  166. Ford UK offers Red edition Fiesta Zetec S
  167. Get out the popcorn: new Lincoln MKS mini-movie coming
  168. McCain has no plans for Detroit bailout
  169. Saleen unveils supercharger for Navigator/Expedition
  170. Ford discusses selling Volvo with Renault, again
  171. Automakers say new CAFE standards will cost 82,000 jobs
  172. LX-Prize: 80 MPG '87 Mustang with 400 HP
  173. Spy Shots: 2009 Ford F-450 Harley-Davidson Edition
  174. Track Test: 2008 Roush 427R Trak Pak Mustang
  175. Rumormill: Ford reviving Mustang SVO with 300 hp Ecoboost four
  176. Let the leakage begin: Ford Focus RS concept
  177. I want my FPV: Super sedans hit the desert in new TV spot
  178. Officially Official: 2009 Ford Focus RS
  179. Forbes lists top 10 family cars
  180. Ford working on high-performance Fusion GT, EcoBoost 'Stang on hold
  181. Volvo's suitor of the week: China's Chery
  182. Steve Saleen celebrates 25 years with 720-horsepower anniversary Mustang concept
  183. GM, Ford doing well in China, despite slow sales at home
  184. Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Fiesta Sedan spotted on I-75
  185. Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Taurus leaves the studio
  186. Ford Simulator gives real-life driving data without the danger [w/VIDEO]
  187. Ford Fiesta Zetec S to debut before RS version
  188. FoMoCo sues feds for $445m in overpaid taxes
  189. Ford's new active safety initiative hits the street (signs) [w/VIDEO]
  190. Ford considering four-cylinder EcoBoost for F150
  191. Uncertain future for Ford's RWD vehicles, more EcoBoost on the way
  192. Ford moving to three-year redesigns to keep things fresh
  193. Mercury dying: No updates planned past 2010
  194. Volvo denies reported dealer cuts
  195. GT500KR underrated? 5.0 Mustang dyno tests the King of the Road
  196. Further proof that future Fords will have Euro flair
  197. Autoblog Podcast #101
  198. In the Autoblog Garage: 2009 Ford Flex Limited [w/VIDEO]
  199. VIDEO: Autoblog goes commercial with faux Flex spot
  200. If GM's situation worsens, McCain open to "every option"
  201. VIDEO: This is not how cars are built - Fiesta Love Factory
  202. Rendered Speculation: New Fiesta raises the roof
  203. Ford brings 2010 Mustang out to play at Road America
  204. Future Classic: Ford Focus SVT
  205. Ford to retool U.S. plant for European vehicles
  206. Ford offers up more buyouts to hourly workers
  207. Mercury rising: Thursday announcement expected to lay out Euro-infused future
  208. Obama pledges $4b in aid for Detroit automakers
  209. Rendered Speculation: 2011 Ford Focus
  210. Ford cancels planned third shift for crossovers at Oakville plant
  211. Spy Shots: Ford F-150's 4.4L diesel exposed
  212. Ford plant shuts down after worker killed this morning
  213. 2010 Ford Mustang to debut at LA Auto Show
  214. One-off Ford Mustang AV8R to be auctioned for charity
  215. Ford posts $8.7B Q2 loss, will convert three truck factories to car production
  216. New KITT Attack Mode revealed at Comic Con
  217. VIDEO: KITT morphing into F-150 FX4
  218. More leasing woes: Ford Credit takes big hit on trucks and SUVs
  219. Flex designer casualty of Ford bloodletting
  220. Ford Ka leaks out ahead of Paris
  221. Ford to sharply raise lease prices on trucks and SUVs
  222. Tech avalanche: Microsoft goes big for automotive
  223. Busted! Indiana Mustang patrol cars nab 4,600 speeders in June
  224. The thinking (or lack thereof) behind KITT F-150
  225. Volkswagen overtakes Ford in global sales
  226. Honeywell tapped to provide turbos for Ford
  227. 2009 Ford Ka (almost) officially revealed
  228. Officially Official: Ford debuts all-new Ka
  229. Ford working to prevent catalytic converter theft
  230. Weekend Photo Fun: Adventures in re-branding
  231. Second drive: 2009 Ford Flex SEL AWD, I concur!
  232. Ford, GM considering joint engine development
  233. Analysts: Ford could sell Mazda to raise capital
  234. Ford's AV8R Mustang nets $500k for charity
  235. ROUSH and Ford sued for making too many Blackjack Mustangs
  236. Ford Flex earns five stars all around for crash safety
  237. 2009 Ford F-150 officially tows 11,300 pounds
  238. Doing the save-money shuffle: Ford consolidates divisional marketing
  239. Ford debuts Blind Spot Mirror on '09 Edge
  240. Ford meets salaried cuts
  241. Ford F-100 put on hold
  242. Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy
  243. Hertz to auction 25 Shelby Mustang GT-H Convertibles
  244. VIDEO: Ford Fiesta stars in some B-roll
  245. Mercury Sable and Taurus X dead next year?
  246. Ford talks tough on quality, promises best-built small cars
  247. VIDEO: Ford Mustang burnout in slow-motion
  248. Ford: We can make money on small cars!
  249. Cologne plant begins pumping out 2009 Ford Fiesta
  250. Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Fusion snapped!