Ford 390 FE Engine Overhaul


Penelope (Bill Knighton) from North Western Australia, has kindly asked me to build a 'special' 390 to replace his '59 Thunderbird's 352 FE.

This site deals with General Engine overview.  Subsets will address the top, bottom, front, and rear portions of this teardown.  That will make future reference for finding specific tasks much easier.
Disassembly Assembly
Find a Good Core
Teardown Intake & Heads  (this page)
Teardown Lower End
Remove Water Pump & Timing Set
Remove Transmission

Time to take a closer look at this engine.  It's DIRTY (which is exactly what I need to see).  I can tell much more about the history and potential abuse from an old raw engine just as it came out of the vehicle, before it is cleaned up.  First, a few pics to show how things were mounted...  Right away I see an electric choke on the 2-bbl carb.  I cannot see the inside and experience tells me to rely on what is evident.


Everything on this engine points straight to 1973.


It is definitely a Light Truck Engine, still a 390 FE.


That little wire on the bottom is the GROUND wire for the body (and it probably didn't work very well).
Ok, time to take it apart. 

Disassembly may begin with the (top) Intake Manifold & Heads, (front) Water Pump and timing Set, or (rear) Transmission Separation.  The bottom must be done last if the Crankshaft will be removed. 

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