2013 Squarebird Calendar Pictures

These are the Squarebirds.org owners whose Tbirds were selected for the 2013 Squarebirds Calendar.
This web page features all the pictures that were submitted for consideration by each owner.
They are broken down by the Car of the Month they were selected for.

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Click on each picture to see more cars from each member. Some members may only have one picture.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
Down Under In Australia!
1955-1966 Thunderbirds Of The Members Of Squarebirds.org

January ~ 1960 Thunderbird Convertible Of Anders Nannerup~Denmark

February ~ 1960 Thunderbird 430MEL-Golde Top Of Brian Sanderson~USA

March ~ 1959 Thunderbird Convertible Of Daniel Hough~USA

April ~ 1960 Thunderbird Convertible Of Roberto Losole~Italy

May ~ 1960 Thunderbird 430MEL Of Mike Troilo~USA

June ~ 1958 Thunderbird Of Gunnar Svennevik~Norway

July ~ 1964 Thunderbird Convertible Of Stephen Mullins~USA

August ~ 1960 Thunderbird Of Rodney Bullock~USA

September ~ 1957 Thunderbird Of Tom Sampson~USA

October ~ 1963 Thunderbird Of Michaelin Lanier~USA

November ~ 1960 Thunderbird Of Charles Walk~USA

December ~ 1960 Thunderbird Golde Top Of Bill Wood~Canada

Created 5 December, 2012

Last Edited: 7 December, 2012

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