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Caring for Ukraine's Forgotten Children

In 1992, shortly after Ukraine proclaimed its independence, a group of Ukrainian ladies in Fresh Meadows, New York, sponsored a dinner and raffle to raise money for Ukraine's orphans. They raised $1,504 ... and from those modest beginnings an idea and a passion were born. It is one which now brings joy and comfort to almost 1,000 of Ukraine's most vulnerable.
The Need: Anyone who has been following developments in Ukraine and the rest of the former Soviet Union need not be reminded of the immense suffering brought on by collapsing economies and corrupt bureaucracies. The social "safety net" - even when it works - provides monthly stipends of $25.00 to pensioners and the unemployed. Orphans, who have no voice and no one looking out for their interests, are last in line. Not only are they deprived of the love and security of parents, but they must rely on those who themselves are barely able to get by.
What Are We Doing About It? Although orphans in orphanages are worse off than any other sector of society, we had to decide, early on, where we could do the most good. Orphanages, controlled by the state administrators, are beyond the monitoring capability of Western benefactors. But individual orphans, living with grandparents, aunts, and uncles can be monitored with controls in place to ensure that aid is used for the well-being of the orphan.
Our program is simple. We are looking for sponsors to commit $15.00/month to support their choice of one (or more) of hundreds of orphans on our waiting list. The sponsor will receive a photo and short bio of the child, and is encouraged to correspond with the child. These children are selected from among those families that appear capable of and are interested in raising a generation of Ukrainians who will be a credit to their nation.
Our Support Network: Over the years, OAS has painstakingly put together an organization in Ukraine that now has chapters in all 22 oblasts and sponsors special events such as "St. Nicholas Day." It has established educational programs to enhance orphans' knowledge of their nation's history, language, and culture, and has organized medical and other support for youngsters of extraordinary talent and promise. OAS has placed particular emphasis on checks and internal controls, and has a high level of confidence in the integrity and effectiveness of its aid.
Organization & Finances: Orphans' Aid Society was organized as a not-for profit corporation under Section 8-1.4 of New York State's Estate Powers and Trust Law. In 1994, the Internal Revenue Service awarded it a tax-exempt, tax-deductible status as a 501c(3) charitable institution. OAS members are all voluntary workers who administer the organization with only a razor-thin administrative budget. In 1997, with a total income of $195 thousand, less than three cents on the dollar were spent on administrative expenses - one-tenth the average for charitable organizations.

A nonprofit organization since 1992
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Since its inception, the Orphans Aid Society has enriched the lives of over 1300 orphans and their USA sponsors. Each sponsor commits to minimum monthly payments of $15 per orphan.



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