Squarebird Disc Brake Conversion

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TBirdDiscBrakeConversion.xls   (In MS Excel format)

Disc brake conversion notes.   (In MS Word format)

Squarebird Booster to Firewall Bracket Drawings by Howard Prout.  These are the components in PDF format:

1.  Bracket, Combination Proportioning Valve - Ford Style (v8)
2.  Bracket, Combination Proportioning Valve - GM Style (v13)
3.  Bracket, Firewall - End Elevation (ver1arev06)
4.  Bracket, Firewall - Side Elevation (ver1arev06)
5.  Face Plate, Booster (ver-6)
6.  Face Plate, Firewall (ver-6)  
7.  Pivot Arms, Offset Brackets  (ver1a-06)
8.  Pushrod, Brake Pedal to Firewall Bracket - Adjustable Hockey Stick  (ver4-8)
9.  Gasket, Firewall

There are two methods for retrofitting our Ford cars, Scarebird spindle brackets or Ford Granada/Versailes spindles with Ford calipers and pads.  The difference?  Price.

If you can find Granada spindles for under $200 complete, this is by far the cheapest but slight machining may be needed.  Lincoln Versailles spindles are a perfect fit but many disc brake spindles will do the job.  Some, like the Granada, will require reaming of the lower ball joint taper to the "big pin" size. You can also use the Ford Mustang spindles '71 to '73, Mercury Comet, & Ford Maverick.  The V8 small cars after '71 with 5 on 4-1/2" lugs are the ones that do the job. The differences between them turns out to be the taper size used on the tie rod ends. They gradually work up to the size used on the Granada and Monarch.

Scarebird brackets are more expensive but bolt directly onto your original spindles, keeping your geometry correct, and offering 'over the counter' parts that require no machining.  They also use S-10 calipers, hardware, and pads, available everywhere and they are inexpensive.

I use Granada spindles on my '55 Ford and I use Scarebird brackets on my '59 Galaxie.  They both offer fabulous braking.