1960 Thunderbird Hardtop - Photographed August 3, 2003

This 1960 Thunderbird Tudor Hardtop has a little over 212,000 miles on it. It was driven often in its early years. James would commute to his job in Grossinger’s from his home in Queens. In the past twenty years it has been used mostly for car club functions and pleasure driving. It has not been started or driven for over two years. It was restarted on August 2, 2003 after draining the gas tank of the stale gasoline and refilling it with fresh premium gasoline. After some carburetor tuning on August 6, 2003, the car was taken for its first drive in years. I drove it to the local gas station for some gas and to put air in the tires. The car needs some throttle linkage adjustment but otherwise runs and drives well.

The car had its original Ford 4100 carburetor replaced with a four-barrel Holley in the 1970’s. Somehow during that repair the air cleaner was lost and replaced with one from a 1961-1963 Thunderbird. Also in the 1970’s someone convinced James that the car would have better brake cooling with larger rims, so the original 14-inch solid rims were replaced with slotted 15-inch rims and were topped with now rare 1960-62 Buick Invicta full wheel covers.

The car had the interior reupholstered in the 1970’s. It has the original vinyl color scheme of black bolsters with white inserts, but does not have the original cross and button pattern. This is before there were reproduction covers available. The car also has a relatively new dash pad and carpeting.

Because the original paint was fading, the Thunderbird was repainted in the early 1980’s. James chose to change the color from Platinum to white, because he always wanted to have a white Thunderbird. The car also had red pinstripes applied at the time. The paint is now showing its age. It is still bright, but has a cracked eggshell appearance in places and some peeling. The car is dent and rustfree, which is great for a 43-year-old car.

Recently, James has not been able to take care of this car. This Thunderbird has been loved and cared for all its life.

It is now looking for a good home.


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Click the image below for a movie of the car running for the first time in over two years.
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